The Faithful Pacesetters

Learning leadership from those who led in the Bible

Taking a Break From Our Values?

Bible Character: Daniel – Dream interpreter and apocalyptic visionary

Most people know the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den.  But, a very important part of that story is why Daniel was placed in with those Lions.  King Darius put forth a decree that no one could worship any God for 30 days.  Daniel believed in God and continued to pray to him, even though he knew the decree had been put in place.

How can we as leaders learn from this?  We all have a value system that we think is important.  We are also all put in situations where the easier route at the time would be to compromise on the values we believe in to make the situation easier, or to make ourselves look better.  Lots of us have probably even been pressured in the work environment to sacrifice the values we believe in to make the leaders of our organization happy.

Daniel was eventually thrown in the Lion’s Den for not following the rules of that time.  God and his angels were with him and saved his life.  As leaders, we set the standard for our organization.  If we begin to succumb to the pressures of the external forces and lower our standards and values, we really do our organizations a disfavor.  Some things are just not worth giving up.


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