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Do you Really Have Courage?

Bible Character: David, the second king of Israel and Ancestor of Jesus

David is famous for many reasons, but what made him so special was his courage.  Our world has many  people who act like the most courageous, but when the rubber meets the road, they are actually not.  Many times there are leaders amongst us who do not have the title of a leader, but we all know they are.  Leading comes natural to them, it’s what they do and people are attracted to them, constantly asking them for help.  David took this approach to a new level.  He was a shephard, a small individual, who was really unknown.  Yet, he stepped up when everyone else was scared.  He faced fear of death for what he believed in.  He let his actions make him the leader, not his words. 

Now, some may say, “he killed a man…that makes him a great leader?”  What about one of David’s other courageous acts?  He decided not to kill a man (Saul) who wanted to kill him.  Saul must have gotten too worried about his competition, and it led him to be jealous of David.  It’s a common pitfall that all of us can fall into.  We would like to think we are more like David than Saul, but many times it is the opposite.  Having the courage not to harm King Saul because he had respect for God and his elders is something we could all use a lesson in.  Courage is not just being brave and pulling off the “big accomplishment”.  It’s also understanding what each situation calls for and having enough self esteem, control, and long term vision to put others in front of ourselves.


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2 thoughts on “Do you Really Have Courage?

  1. Good thoughts, Jeff. A little less widely reported but equally impressive about David is how he responded when Absalom, his own son, led a rebellion. The source of David’s courage was revealed…he trusted the Lord. No doubt he learned to trust the Lord while composing psalms and guarding sheep from predators. He stepped out to trust the Lord courageously in battle with Goliath. And he restrained himself (courageously) with Saul and now, his own flesh and blood.

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