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Peter Knew How to START!

Bible Character:  Simon Peter – Disciple of Jesus

It’s sometimes a challenge to start something new, especially when you are met with resistance.  As a leader, we sometimes feel ourselves trying to keep people’s attitudes positive while at the same time trying to keep our focus, and everyone else’s, on starting a new procedure, product, service or business.

If you think you have it hard…think about Peter.  He was designated the “Rock” by Jesus, the potential foundation for the Christian church as we know it.  His leader (Jesus) had been killed, and although he had risen, physically he was gone and it was up to Peter and the rest of the disciples to form the early Christian church.

How did he do it?

1.  Believe –    We know he believed.  This may be the most important aspect of starting anything new, fully believing in the project yourself.

2.  Determination – I can imagine that Peter had a lot of determination.  Every one of the disciples lost their own life because they believed in Christ and the church, but they stuck with the mission.   If the people we are leading can see we are focused on the organization’s goals and determined to reach them, the more likely they will want to help achieve those same goals.

3.  Sacrifice – This played a major part in Peter’s life.  He had to give up everything in his life to follow Christ, and on top of that he had to travel many miles to plant new churches.  We can find ourselves complaining about small stuff that deters us from staying focused on what we really need to be accomplishing. 

As a leader starting something new can be hard, scary, and costly, but the rewards can far outweigh all these emotions and costs.



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