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There’s no I in team…but there is in Accountability

 Bible Character: Jeremiah – Prophet (Born in 650 B.C.)

After listening to God`s prophetic words, Jeremiah had to tell his nation and its rulers that they were faithless and headed for destruction.  As leaders, we not only have the task of holding ourselves accountable, but also others in our organization.

How did Jeremiah do it?

1.  He was in close contact with God – To quietly listen to God and trust the message he gives us is an ability all leaders must exercise.

2.  He understood it was his responsibility – Leaders know “responsibility” is part of our job description, but how faithful are we at following through?  Jeremiah knew there were risks involved, but kept people accountable, even in the face of death.

3.  He warned people of coming destruction – I think we need to be realistic with our message to people. Sugar coated truth can be a disfavor to all involved.

4.  He encouraged the right direction – Encouraging others may be the most important thing we offer as leaders.  Positive words are MUCH more powerful than negative ones.

I believe Jeremiah knew he would not be liked and would be somewhat unpopular for his messages delivered on God’s behalf.  Many leaders struggle with this perception when holding people and the organization accountable.

So what happened to the Israelites when they did not listen to Jeremiah’s warnings?   You may know they were captured by the Babylonians, just as he had predicted.  These conditions were extreme, but not holding your people and your organization accountable will usually lead to negative results.  Don’t compromise on accountability…it starts with ourselves and continues with those we lead.



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4 thoughts on “There’s no I in team…but there is in Accountability

  1. Mark Stiver on said:

    I think this not only applies to business, but to all men who are intentional on leading their families to Christ.

  2. Patrick Rufener on said:

    A great lesson, Jeff! If I do not share the truth with others because it may cause discomfort, I am placing my feelings about their welfare.

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