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It’s More Valuable than Gold.

Bible Character:  Solomon (final king before Israel & Judah split)

Many people believe gold is the most valuable commodity on earth, but there is one thing that is invaluable…and that is WISDOM.  When we think of the bible and wisdom, one person quickly comes to mind.

1 Kings 3:6 is a defining moment for Solomon and his leadership as king.   Solomon was faithful and because of this God promised to fulfill whatever request he had.  His desire was not what you might expect.  He did not ask for great wealth, a long life, or less than favorable outcomes for his enemies.  Instead, he sought a discerning heart to govern with.

What he received for this was great wisdom.

Why is wisdom important?

1.  Judgment – When making decisions, we need to weigh the outcome of those decisions on others and anticipate the long term effects.  Organizations benefit greatly from leaders who practice good discernment.

2.  Experience – In a world where the youth are sometimes lifted up over the older generation, let’s not discount what real experience can do for us as we develop fully as individuals and leaders.

3. Humbleness – Solomon wanted to be a servant.  In our current society, it is easy to think that a person needs to focus his/her attention on oneself and promote personal accomplishments.  Organizations simply need leaders who are not so worried about themselves, but concentrating on the others they lead.

4.  Emotional Control – This does not mean you have to restrain your emotions at all times, but we often rush to judgments and lose control of the most important body part…our tongue.

On the surface these sound simple, but they’re not, especially in our current social environment.  Gold maybe valuable, but wisdom is priceless!



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4 thoughts on “It’s More Valuable than Gold.

  1. Patrick Rufener on said:

    Some terrific information to start the day with. Thanks, Jeff!

  2. Thanks Patrick – Have a good one!

  3. katherine on said:

    I really like the part on being humble! I think its easy sometimes…or even most of the time 🙂 to think in terms of how it will serve me and my interests instead of others.

  4. Yes, I think we can all fall into that trap. 🙂

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