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Are You a Risk Taker?

Bible Character:  Abraham

Some of us are risk takers, and some are not!  We have been shown through history that taking risks can have great rewards….as well as devastating consequences.  Abraham, took a huge risk (at the age of 75) when he left Mesopotamia with his entire family and household for the promised land of Canaan.  Even if you include his covenant with God, it was a huge venture.

As leaders, how do we know when it’s right to take a risk?

Are you willing to make the sacrifice?  There are very few shortcuts in life.  When taking on a risk, determination and a willingness to work hard are key components.

Is security a high priority for you?  Realize you may fail…but if the potential reward is important enough to you, maybe you are ready for the uncertainty that comes with the exposure.

Can you handle things if they are a little out of control? Sometimes things being slightly out of control is a good thing.  Growth is often times an offspring of risk, and when something is growing, it can be hard to manage.  If you need to feel like things are always totally under control, maybe the risk is not for you.

Abraham went through many ups and downs while accomplishing the goal of reaching the Promised Land.  Through the adversity, he faced the challenge and succeeded, founding the nation of Israel.

Although the stakes in our organizations might not be as high, we need to be ready to take on the proper risks.  New opportunities to advance our organizations in a positive way are an important part of growing stronger.  Creating a better future will not come by always playing it safe and continuing in our comfortable patterns.





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2 thoughts on “Are You a Risk Taker?

  1. katherine on said:

    Saw a quote yesterday that read…”you often find your feet after a fall”. Not that anyone wants to fall but great growth definitely has come out of bad times in my life! Makes me understand that God will always see me through and knows the desires of my heart. On risk taking that is scary for me as I like a level of security 🙂

  2. I think Abraham had his share of failures along the way too. 🙂

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