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Are you Ready for your next Big Responsibility? Queen Esther Was!

Bible Character: Queen Esther

It is well documented that Queen Esther could only approach King Xerxes when she was summoned. King Xerxes ruled over 127 provinces stretching from India to Cush, he was a very powerful man!  Once he had made the decision to destroy all the Jews, Queen Esther took on the responsibility of saving them.

Sometimes we have to overcome the fear we have inside and accept a responsibility that has been designated for us. 

When that responsibility does come, nothing should prevent us from fulfilling our role in the organizations we lead in. 

Are you preparing yourself now, so you will be ready to accept your next responsibility?

Fear of a large responsibility is best overcome by good preparation.  Even when our final destination is not clear yet, look for opportunities to improve your knowledge, abilities, and relationships with others.

Esther had a first-class life that many would have been envious of; she wouldn’t have had to accept this huge responsibility.  Nevertheless, after conferring with Mordecai (her adopted father) she decided to take the unprecedented action and approach King Xerxes herself, even though she had not been summoned.  This action could have easily cost Esther her life.

Are you building capital?

King Xerxes knew what type of person Esther was, and when she did make the request to save the Jews, she used some of the capital she had built up with her King.  Building up capital with those we lead, and those who lead us, is an important step in accomplishing our responsibilities.

Queen Esther accepted and fulfilled her calling, are you?



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2 thoughts on “Are you Ready for your next Big Responsibility? Queen Esther Was!

  1. Jeff, I often have to ask myself what is it that I fear, what is it that makes me hesitant to step out in faith. I still don’t have a solid answer, but I am often wondering and praying for God to show me that I am where I am for a reason, and to show me that reason. I struggle for security in knowing that I am following God’s will for my life. I appreciate the story of Esther, thank you.

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