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Life is not Always Easy….Neither is Leading

Bible Character:  Job

If someone took away all your wealth, your health, and your family…how would you react?  Working through struggles in life and leadership can be tough, but in perspective of what Job went through, we generally have it pretty easy. 

Satan challenged Job’s faith in God, but Job faced the challenge and proved successful.

What can we as leaders learn from Job’s experience?

1.  We have all heard the phrase, “The Patience of Job”.   As leaders we often think we have to quickly fix the problems, or have instant results, but sometimes we just need a little patience.  Not only is having patience a benefit to our organization, but also our own personal health.

2.  Job was a fighter.  Sure he got discouraged, but he constantly worked hard to understand all that was happening to him.  As a leader, if you give up on a situation or problem, I am guessing that everybody you are leading will quickly do the same.

3.  Job always trusted in God.  This is often the most difficult for us.  We forget to rely on God when we face difficulties.  Often we struggle for solutions to problems for long periods of time before we turn and really trust God to help us.

Do you judge people or situations wrongly?

In the book of Job, starting in Chapter 4, we see Job’s friends falsely accuse him of great sins.  His friends did not realize it was the opposite, and that God allowed Satan to test him because he was blameless and upright.

Leading is not always easy, but it is even harder when we make quick judgments that are false.  Sometimes taking a step back and looking at various aspects of the situation helps us to discover different truths.


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4 thoughts on “Life is not Always Easy….Neither is Leading

  1. katherine on said:

    I definitely have had to learn patience the last few years outside of work! But I am so thankful to have my work family and the opportunity to grow. And for the grace that I have been shown here which I try to regularly remind myself of and do the same for others. Some days I fall short for sure. I have learned a lot about leading sometimes the hard way but I see examples of what this looks like and try to follow suit. Are there any good books on leadership you can suggest? I find the biggest struggle for me is in that you develop friendships with people and then when you are faced with evaluating or correcting a problem and it gets uncomfortable. I only have one person under me so its not as big a challenge as many others have but we tend to have a lot of young people in our department who are just starting out and learning how to be in the work force…I have truly felt blessed by several of the young “girls” we had this summer at the restaurant and learned a lot from them and totally enjoyed seeing them grow and learn. I think its neat that we are all on a learning path on how to be better people and examples of what God wants for each of us! ok done rambling! 🙂

  2. Katherine,

    Yes, it is a continual process of being a life long learner, great point. The friendship question is a interesting one and something I have struggled with too. It’s hard, because that relationship does change, even if we don’t intend it to. I will email you some books I like.


  3. Love the point about Job’s friends– how they assume his persecution is the result of his own sin. How convicting! “If he/she had made better decisions, this situation might never have happened.” Sometimes, that may even be true! We should seek more to serve than to “teach lessons” in these situations.

    Great thoughts!

  4. Justin,

    I like how you took that out a step further, totally agree.


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