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How Well Do You Take Advice?

Bible Character:  King Ahab (1 Kings 22)

King Ahab was told by the prophet Micaiah to not attack Ramoth in Gilead.  Micaiah even told King Ahab it would cost him his life.  King Ahab did not personally like Micaiah and refused to listen to him.

What are some ways we defy good advice?

1.  Questioning Authority – We see this in some children, and also in some adults.  We may feel that the person leading us just does not know best, so we decide to go against their advice or instructions.  There is a time and place for all things, but usually this type of behavior ends badly.

2.  I Am In Charge! – Some leaders think that since they have ultimate authority that they need to have all the answers.  We can fall into the trap of not listening to the great advice of the people we lead, because we have to be the solution.

3.  Give Credit Where Credit is Due – Let’s face it, sometimes certain people rub us the wrong way.  We are not really excited about seeing them get credit for a great idea, so we avoid their advice, or automatically discount their recommendations.

King Ahab wanted to prove Micaiah wrong so bad that he disguised himself in battle, because he knew the enemy would want to kill the “king”.  He even went as far as to have King Jehoshaphat with him so the enemy would go after him instead.  In the end they lost the battle, and King Ahab was killed.

Good advice comes from all types of people.   Leaders have many people depending on them to make wise decisions.  King Ahab failed to listen to good advice, let us not make the same mistake.


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4 thoughts on “How Well Do You Take Advice?

  1. I agree with the author here, except on one part, questioning authority, when it comes to authority, we need to obey Christ over man’s law. In all other cases give to Caesar what is Caesars.

  2. Mark,
    I totally agree with you on that one!

  3. As the pastor of an independent church, I need to be very careful that just because I don’t have an organization over me, that doesn’t mean I can have an independent mindset. I must be submitted to Christ and humble toward those with whom He has connected me.
    Oh yes – thanks for following my blog!

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