The Faithful Pacesetters

Learning leadership from those who led in the Bible

Raising the Standards

Bible Character:  Paul

The Apostle Paul had high standards for himself and others.  Everything Paul did he seemed to do with zeal.  Early on in his life he showed signs of zealot tendencies and often persecuted Christians.  Then he met Christ on the road to Damascus, and changed his mission to improving Christians.

How did Paul go about raising the standards?

Lead by Example

We have all heard the phrase “Practice what you preach”.  Paul definitely subscribed to this philosophy.  He was very hard on himself and was his own biggest critic.   We can’t raise our organization’s standards if we don’t start with ourselves.  Looking internally at ourselves is the starting point for improving others around us.

He was Honest with his people

I must admit, when I read Paul’s writings in the bible (which is almost half of the New Testament) it can make me almost uncomfortable at times.  His expectations are high and he lets you know about it.  He does not generally “beat around the bush”, and can be very straight forward and honest.  The key is he does this with a heart that is motivated by a true and deep compassion for the people he is writing to.

He always felt people could do better

In Paul’s writings he was always challenging the churches to do better.  He acknowledged their improvements, but also pushed them to do better.  Do the people you lead feel like they can never be “good” enough for you?  If that’s the case, you may need to change your approach, but we also don’t want to settle for “just good enough” either.

It is easy for all of us to get “comfortable” with our current situation.  We need to follow Paul’s example and push ourselves, and others, to continually improve and “Raise the Standards”.


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