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Learning leadership from those who led in the Bible

Finding the Diamonds!

Bible Character:  Samuel (Prophet and Judge)

Samuel was a leader himself, but also understood the importance of developing future leaders.  Living in a time when Israel did not have kings, Samuel organized the Israelites into an army and defeated the Philistines.  It was during his lifetime that the nation of Israel desired to be led by a king, and he was responsible for anointing both Saul and David as kings of Israel.

How do we develop future leaders?

1. Recognize gifts and bring them out – We all need to be on the lookout for potential future leaders and encourage them to use their gifts in the area of leadership.

2. Challenge them with different jobs – Once you have spotted a potential leader, start challenging them by giving them new and different tasks.  Push them to better themselves by exposing them to situations that develop that person as a leader.

3. Give them feedback – This was Samuels’s main job as a prophet.  Leaders constantly communicate to those they lead about areas they are doing well in and also areas that they need to improve in.  All of us want to know how we are doing. 

4. Know when to reward them new responsibilities – Samuel kept the continuation of leaders in Israel by rewarding new leaders with their positions.  Sometimes we wait too long to move someone forward to their new responsibility.


Leaders need to be accountable

Samuel was not actually in favor of Israel being led by “kings”.  He warned of the negatives of having such a leader, and the possible lack of accountability for the king.  This is also a key when establishing future leaders, finding individuals that understand the importance of holding themselves accountable to the people they lead.



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