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Is Long Term Vision Overrated?

Bible Character:  Noah

We often hear leaders being described as having “long term vision”.

Vision, in its most basic definition would mean being able to see.   One person in the Bible had a vision for the future that no one else did.  Noah was righteous and a blameless man and God trusted him with the foreknowledge of the coming destruction.  How can we practice long term vision too?


It seems like the older we get the less we dream.  People probably ridiculed Noah for his vision, dream, and project.  That is a risk that all visionaries assume.   Many times the fear of failure stops us from seeing the dream.

Listening to surroundings

God gave Noah his plan and vision.  He was the only person God trusted on earth to give this special vision for the future too.  I would think that Noah had to be open to hearing God, and understanding what he was telling him.  Listening to God is important, but it is also important to continually be listening to what your surroundings are telling you. 

Have a plan

It probably took close to 100 years for Noah to build the Ark in preparation for the flood.  It would have been a necessity to secure many supplies, which would have taken a large amount of resources.  He needed to be organized, focused, and determined to execute his entire plan and then launch the ark.   How often do we have a vision, but no plan to get there?  Sometimes we do have the plan, but fail to execute it.

Noah was different than all the rest of the people.  How would we accept such a man in our society today?  The fact is long term vision is very important to great leadership.  All of us could probably use a little more Noah in us.


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