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Time for a Reboot?

Bible Character:  Nehemiah

It was 445 B.C. when Nehemiah received word that Jerusalem’s gates had been burned down and the Israelites had fallen into evil ways.  At the time, he was the cup bearer to the King of Persia, but he quickly asked King Artaxerxes if he could return to Jerusalem and help rebuild the city’s walls.

Nehemiah knew the city needed a “reboot”.  Sometimes, the same is true with us.


Maybe it’s as simple as the team not holding itself to the high standards we once held.  Possibly we are not following the goals we had once set?  Or worse, we somehow have veered from the values and priorities that were once important to our organization.

Sometimes it’s Personal

We can all get burned out at times.  Maybe our personal life has us not functioning well in our professional life.  Maybe we personally are not living the lifestyle we desire to.

A Fresh Start

At home my wife often tells me, “Something’s wrong with the computer”.  My first attempt to fix it is to “Reboot” it, turn it off, and then back on and hope it works better.  This often fixes the problem; maybe it can be the same for us, we need a fresh start! 

A “restore” on a computer helps restore your computer system’s files to an earlier point in time.  This may be what our organization needs right now!

Once Nehemiah had rebuilt the city and cleansed it of its evil practices, he returned to the king in Susa, until he found out Jerusalem had once again slipped from their values.  He quickly returned and reinstituted the priorities back to Law of Moses.  Once we do arrive at a place we want to be, it takes constant attention to stay there.


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5 thoughts on “Time for a Reboot?

  1. It sounds great, to reboot, but is there anytime to reboot?

  2. How about I tackle that one in another blog post 🙂

  3. Look forward to reading what insight you have!

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