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Learning leadership from those who led in the Bible

Success is Rare Without This

Bible Character:  Joshua

Is it still true that if you work hard it will pay off?  By dedicating your life to a purpose you will see the rewards desired?  Do we really get out…what we put in?

Moses sent twelve spies into the land of Canaan to determine if the Israelites could capture the Promised Land, ten reported negatively, but two came back with a positive report.  Joshua was one of the two spies who believed the Israelites could lay hold of the Promised Land, but his advice was not heeded.

What directives can we learn from Joshua?

See it

Have confidence and truly believe in what you are trying to accomplish.  It’s common for people to have self-doubt and not believe they can accomplish extraordinary things….be uncommon.

Joshua concluded that the Israelites could capture Canaan and was probably disappointed when Moses went against his advice, but he did not stop believing.

Give Effort

Lots of circumstances have changed over time, but hard work is still a key ingredient to success.  It may be more complicated than it used to be, but you rarely find a successful leader who does not possess this quality.

Be Determined

Leaders often seem to be earnest in reaching success, a quality that can also influence their team.  This does not predetermine a certain type of leadership style for a leader, but the ’will and desire’ to succeed is in their DNA.

After the eventual death of Moses, Joshua became the leader of the Israelites.  Ultimately the Israelites were permitted into the Promised Land after they conquered the land of Canaan. The only two men from Joshua’s generation that God allowed into the Promised Land were Joshua, and the second spy who had originally given a positive report, Caleb.


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