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Protecting Our Gifts

Bible Character:  Samson (Judges 13-16)

God granted Samson supernatural strength.  Strength was his gift, and he used it to defeat the Philistines and become a hero among the Israelites.  Even though he was gifted in some areas, Samson also had vulnerabilities.

What is your strength?  Whatever your area of expertise is, it’s important to be strong and knowledgeable in that field, using this gift in an appropriate and ethical way. 

Leaders are often afforded much liberty.  Similarly, Samson received a lot of power in his lifetime.

We sometimes see individuals with authority misuse their influence, participating in activities that are unbecoming, and consequently losing much that they have gained.

How are we as leaders protecting ourselves from these allurements and traps?

Understand the Rules

A tendency of all of us can be to look at the “gray areas” of our life and push beyond the boundaries.  Self-discipline is a key to any good leader knowing, and staying, within the limits.   Standards are high for leaders and attention to them is important.

Ownership for our Actions

Personal responsibility has been diminished in today’s society.  Great leaders not only take ownership for their actions, but also the actions of their team.

Accountability Partners

All of us can use a little help in keeping ourselves accountable.  We are all answerable to God, but also designating a friend or colleague to keep us accountable is vital.

Samson discovered the consequences for not protecting his gift.  His weakness was an attraction to untrustworthy women. Delilah connived with the Philistines and cut Samson’s hair off…without it he was weakened and eventually captured.  In the end, God granted Samson enough strength to take revenge on the Philistine rulers, but he lost his own life in that avenging.

We all need to be on guard so vulnerabilities are not taken advantage of.


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