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Delegate to Multiply

Bible Characters: The Disciples

We are familiar with Jesus and his twelve disciples.  The definition of a disciple is:  A follower and student of a mentor, teacher, or other figure. (Wikipedia)

The disciples became known as Apostles, which really means they became more of a messenger.  Jesus knew that God’s message had to move beyond just the people that could hear his voice.  He needed help!

It is no different for today’s leaders.  We don’t have disciples or apostles, but we have a team, and together we fulfill a mission.  If Jesus used the concept of delegation, then it must be important enough for us to practice it too.

Let’s You See the Big Picture

The leader who is unable to delegate runs the risk of not having the time to look at other areas that need attention.

It Requires Patience

When you delegate, you also teach.  This requires perseverance.  It takes time to relay your message to someone else in a way that they understand you correctly. 

Submitting to Others

There can be an uncertainty when giving responsibility to other individuals.  Leaders are ultimately accountable, so they have a tendency to want to control everything.  Jesus probably knew his disciples would not be perfect like he was, but he accepted this, and trusted them with his message.

Once we delegate something, we give ownership to those we have delegated the responsibility to.  Often they know their roles well, and too much of our meddling will only cause more problems.

In Luke 10: 1-24 we see Jesus send out seventy-two individuals ahead of him into every town he was going to visit.  He wanted them to help spread his message prior to his arrival.  By letting them do this he was duplicating himself…that’s how great leaders accomplish extraordinary things.

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4 thoughts on “Delegate to Multiply

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  2. Roland on said:

    Jeff, I certainly can relate to this. I often find myself trying to do too much because I get worried it won’t be done just so. I even have a fortune from a fortune cookie that reads something to the effect of a sign of a good leader is how much he empowers those he leads. I try to follow this as I don’t want to make it all about me, as I believe those that I lead should reflect my leadership in how much they accomplish and shine, not me. I see how Jesus sets this awsome example of reflecting the limelight towards his Father.

  3. Roland,

    Love the fortune cookie concept 🙂 I also like your thought about leaders who don’t delegate because they want the credit…very true.

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