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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Bible Character: Ananias (Acts 9: 10-19)

Ananias was a follower of Christ and had known Jesus while he was on earth.  Through a vision from Christ, he was asked to help the man who was currently persecuting Christians…Saul.  Ananias first objected to Jesus’ request because he was afraid of Saul’s terrible actions against believers.

Practice what you preach

Ananias had been preaching the Lords message for some years.  Now the time had come to follow the very commands he had been teaching.  How often is this the case for leaders?

One quick way to lose respect and authority is to not act as we speak.  Leaders need to “Walk the Talk”.  People desire authentic leaders who live the leadership principles that they profess.  In other words, they are not interested in following leaders who say the right words, but do the opposite actions.

Don’t do it because it is the right thing to do

Intentions of a leader are real and measurable.  It really needs to go beyond the action of doing something because it’s the “right” thing to do.  The incentive must be a true desire.  


Leaders need to give compliments and build people up verbally, but those efforts only go so far.  Real action also requires us to build up individuals through purposeful deeds.  Go beyond people’s expectations in regards to what you are willing to do for them.

Ananias put his personal safety at risk and followed the Lord’s instructions that night.  He went and laid his hands on Saul, and became God’s healing agent on Saul’s blindness.  When Saul looked up the first person he saw was God’s faithful leader Ananias.  Saul was transformed by the Holy Spirit, and marked that transformation with a baptism by Ananias, and a name change from Saul to Paul.



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One thought on “Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  1. Nhlanhla Kunene on said:

    This is very true; if only leaders would understand this principle, the corporate place and indeed the world at large would be a better place.

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