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Learning leadership from those who led in the Bible

Is Your Personal Life Affecting Your Professional Leadership?

Bible Character:  Ezekiel (Born 622 B.C.)

All of us have some sort of problem in our personal life.  Some difficulties are greater than others.

Ezekiel was a prophet during a turbulent time in Syria.  His revelations and prophecies regarding the destruction of Jerusalem were monumental in the Old Testament.  Ezekiel was personally tested when God took his wife at the same time he destroyed the temple in Jerusalem.

How can leaders deal with personal adversity effectively?

Be Prepared

Ezekiel seemed to have his house in order.  We need to continually be putting effort into making sure all areas of our lives are healthy and strong.  With purposeful preparation we should be more suited to handle the difficulties.

Stay Consistent

The temptation may be to treat co-workers much differently when you are struggling in your personal life.  Depending on the situation, this can make for a very difficult work environment.

Have a Strong Team

If you have a strong team surrounding you, they will lighten the burden when you most need it.  By first dedicating yourself to them…understanding on their part may come quicker.

Trust God

Even though we don’t always understand the circumstances we are dealt, we can always trust that God is in control.  He cares about each of our lives, and taking strength from him during turbulent times is an important step to finding purpose.

Ezekiel losing his wife was a huge personal disappointment…so what could be God’s purpose?  

He did not seem to blame God when his wife was taken; he dealt with the situation that was given to him with resolve.  Ezekiel was being an example for the Israelites upon them losing their temple.  Your ability to lead during tough circumstances can be an encouragement to others too.


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