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Are You Providing Hope?

Bible Character:  Dorcas

In Joppa there was a disciple named Tabitha (Which, when translated, is Dorcas), who was always doing good and helping the poor. Acts 9:36 NIV

Dorcas created hope through her concern for others.

Hope, at its base, is really anticipation…for seeing something better.  Dorcas helped those around her have hope by providing for their needs.

Servant Leadership

By simply serving those around her, Dorcus gained influence and inspired the community that she lived in.  In modern times this concept of leading is called “Servant Leadership.”  Even though this is a Biblical concept, Robert Greenleaf coined the phrase in a publication in 1970.

In basic terms a leader does not try to keep all the power to themselves, instead they share it with others in hopes that lives are enriched and more hope is created for in all involved.

Desire with Anticipation

Organizations that practice servant leadership create anticipation among staff members so they have an increased desire to serve.    If an individual feels empowered and valued they have a greater sense of worth, creating an atmosphere that will lead them to want to do the same for others.  When this atmosphere is amplified, great things can begin to happen.

Breaking it Down

The products and services that our organizations provide will help others.  Whether you build computers, prepare food, counsel patients, provide legal services, take care of the sick, or clean the school; almost all professions help people and create hope.  We need to focus on contributing towards that promise.


Dorcus possessed resources that gave her the ability to provide for the poor.  Her example is a reminder for all of us to use our capital for encouraging others.



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4 thoughts on “Are You Providing Hope?

  1. Good analogy Jeff, I also believe that this concept of servant leadership applies directly to your employees and not just through a paycheck, but genuinely being concerned about their personal lives. I know we all are busy in the world, yet even a comment that may reflect our knowledge of them personally can have a big impact upon them, knowing that you as an employer care about them. This in turn helps productivity, because they are now working more diligently from being encouraged on a daily or weekly basis.

  2. Agreed Mark. Increasing someone’s personal value and worth can have a huge impact. It’s so easy to fall short with all our other distractions!

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