The Faithful Pacesetters

Learning leadership from those who led in the Bible

Repeating the Same Mistakes?

Bible Character: Balaam (Prophet, Non-Israelite)

The Israelites were prone to making the same mistakes, and Balaam knew this all too well.  Even though Balaam was a prophet of Yahweh, he revealed the Israelites’ vulnerabilities to Moabite King Balak when he requested help defeating them.  His inside knowledge of the Israelites’ weakness for prostitutes and unclean food sacrificed to idols proved too much for the Israelites and they turned from God once again.

We’re all guilty of making mistakes, but are leaders held to a higher standard?

Same Mistakes

This was a recurrent downfall of the Israelites, a continual pattern of God’s people choosing to turn their back on the Lord for worldly sin.  After a time of brokenness, and or punishment; there was a corresponding return to the Lord in righteousness.

If you are part of an organization this conduct is not usually acceptable.  Even though the first time a mistake is made it’s often forgivable, if it happens continually job security becomes an issue.

Poor Results

Mistakes affect outcomes.  Continued poor results lead to many consequences, even the death of an organization.  If we continue to make the same mistakes and expect different results, we will be disappointed.

Don’t Look Past Them

We learn from our mistakes, so forgetting them quickly may lead to further errors.  My worst mistakes stick with me because I really have no interest in repeating them.  We should be our own worst critic; learning from our mistakes gives us a better chance to make a positive contribution to our team.

Balaam lost his protection from God for turning against the Israelites, and he was soon killed for the mistake he made.



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