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The Value of a Straightforward Leader

Bible Character:  Joel (Minor Prophet)

Joel knew that Judah was headed for destruction, his warning was clear.

Wake up, you drunkards, and weep! Joel 1:5 NIV

Joel is being about as straightforward as he could, bringing attention to the people of Judah the significance of their incorrect value system.

What are the consequences of leadership not being straightforward?

Misunderstood goals

The goals, vision, and strategic plan are vital aspects of an organization.  If leadership is not clear and defined in these areas it not only leaves the organization without direction, it exposes the opportunity for others to set the course.

Without clarity, individuals interpret for themselves what the goals are, and the true vision becomes misunderstood.  Perception is often reality, and once the vision is changed it’s often difficult to get the accurate meaning back.

Unchecked Improper Conduct

A leader needs to speak the truth when no one else will, that’s what Joel was doing.  We have all seen behavior that goes against the standards of the organization, but remains unchallenged.  Leaders simply cannot let improper conduct go uncorrected; otherwise they give the appearance of endorsing it.

Destruction of an Organization

Joel was prophesying about the destruction of Judah.  He was attempting to motivate the people of Israel to repent and turn to God before he eliminated them.  These are serious matters.

On a smaller scale, but also important to us, are the survival and prosperity of our organizations.  It’s leadership’s responsibility to identify the difficulty in the current plight and alert others of the potential consequences.

Joel had the answer to avoiding destruction.

And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved… Joel 2:32NIV

Leaders who oppose failure practice straightforwardness.


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