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The Juggling Act

Bible Character:  Paul

Paul gave us a lot of advice for our lives, but one of the most famous pieces is found in Colossians.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men. Colossians 3:23NIV

Many of us struggle with the balance of work and family activities. If you add to that to the interests we have in helping with our communities, our lives can soon become a big juggling act.

Do we occasionally fall to the temptation of not giving as much time and effort towards our relationships as we do to our work?   

What would it look like if we treated our home life similar to our work life?

Most organizations have a mission statement; maybe our families should too.  Maybe we should formalize what we really want to accomplish with our family.  At work we have a job description; perhaps we should have a formalized one at home too- something that can remind us what our truly important duties are. 

What about goals?  Why is it that we have so many goals to focus on at work, but often at home we are just wandering?  Finally, what if we would let ourselves get reviewed at home, just like we do at work?  Can you imagine giving your spouse a review of his/her responsibilities at home?  I would not suggest trying that!

Ok, so maybe all of this is not realistically possible…but writing a few goals down for ourselves in relation to what we would like to accomplish in our family life is realistic.  “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart.”


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7 thoughts on “The Juggling Act

  1. Mark Stiver on said:

    Jeff, you have a typo, Paul Paul, just fyi

  2. Jeff, thanks for the post. I think we do give and get that “job review” at home, but unfortunately it doesn’t come with a formalized set of performance standards that are reviewed from a strengths based orientation, across the conference table. Goals are important, it’s knowing the difference between that and dreams, and implementing the steps needed to attain a goal that are often unattended. Thanks again – you’re scripture reference is timely.

  3. Great observations Doug, the dreams are often there…without the implementation.

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  5. Thank you. Thought provoking blog post. Maybe our “stretch goals” for the coming year should focus more on our family and relationships, and less on our business results.

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