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Sometimes You Need To Change Your…

Bible Reference:  The parable of the unforgiving servant

“When the other servants saw what had happened, they were greatly distressed and went and told their master everything that had happened.” Matthew 18:31NIV

Many of you know this parable… the King had forgiven a servant of his debt, only for that servant to turn around and imprison someone else who owed him much less money than he had owed the King.  Although just a parable it’s a good example of a leader who changed his mind.

Leaders are constantly making decisions.  Why is it hard for us to sometimes change our minds?


Trying to make the right decision is hard enough, so once we do decide on a matter, we feel like it is complete.  Sometimes changing our minds means we have to admit we made an incorrect decision.  Somewhat afraid of what people might think of us we let pride creep in and prevent us from doing the right thing.


Sometimes we make the wrong decision…on purpose!  We go against what would be in the greater interest of the organization because the decision does not fit in with our overall plan.  We’re pressured into incorrect choices because that’s what people expect of us instead of doing what is in our heart.  Political leaders really struggle with this.

Lack of Investigating

Usually people are feeding you the information they want you to hear, sometimes filtering out vital details that might give you a more clear reality of the situation.  It’s leadership that has to push for all the information, often from multiple sources, to assimilate a wise choice.

The King in the parable finally did receive all the information, then quickly changed his mind, and delivered the servant to the torturers until he could pay all that he owed.


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