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Chick-fil-a And Fish?

Biblical Character: Simon Peter

Simon Peter had worked all night fishing and had caught nothing when Jesus told him to lower the nets again, “When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break.” Luke 5:6 NIV

Can it really be that God’s blessing can “fill our fishing nets?”

One case study for this here in the U.S. may be Chick-fil-a. Many realize that their family trusts in God; they also have $5.1 billion in sales this year.

Closed On Sundays

Owner Truett Cathy died earlier this year, but his family continues to follow his lead of maintaining a high moral standard. Now, I don’t know them personally, so I can’t verify what kind of lives they live, but I do know that they have taken considerable criticism for maintaining their beliefs.

In a world where most everyone wants more money, it must be tempting for them to open their restaurant on Sundays and make more. But…I bet it’s not.  See, money is probably not the most important thing in their life; Christ is, so it’s not worth it to them.

To whom much is given….much is expected

I found this on their website:

Over the past three years, Chick-fil-A, Inc. and its franchised Restaurant Operators have given more than $68 million in contributions to over 700 educational and charitable organizations and have provided millions of dollars in food donations all across America.

Some may be a bit surprised to see this kind of statistic listed on their website, believing that this could be “boasting”. Nonetheless, given the scrutiny that Chick-fil-a and other corporations face from the public who view them as “greedy”, it may be justifiable.

Are Christian businesses always successful?

No.  Running any type of business or organization is a formidable task. Chick-fil-a has the best chicken sandwich in the business, and they keep the recipe a secret! Did God give Truett this secret to fill his “fishing nets?”  Don’t be surprised if he did.


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