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How Do You Teach?

Bible Character:  Jesus

Jesus was often referred to in the scriptures as “teacher”.  He often taught in the traditional method of direct instruction, but he still found creative ways to present God’s message.  Instruction through parables is one interesting way Jesus taught.

Why did he do this…and what can we as leaders learn from it?

This is why I speak to them in parables: “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand. Matthew 13:13 NIV

I would suggest that Jesus didn’t believe the individual spiritual lives of his audience were tremendously good.  I also feel it safe to assume that he felt like his normal “preaching” was not getting through to them.

So…Jesus came up with this creative way of presenting the gospel, knowing that by approaching his teaching a little differently more people may be motivated.

Be Creative

This is a big lesson we can learn from Jesus.  If we instruct and teach the same way all the time, without trying to be creative, results may not be what we hope for.  Effort and research must be given towards creating interesting ways to teach and present.  Staff members will notice the difference and appreciate the freshness!

Ask Questions

Many times direct instruction on a subject is not that effective.  Allowing your staff to come up with conclusions on their own can be more persuasive.  One way to accomplish this is to ask a few thought provoking and leading questions.

Now Jesus had a few other tactics available to him, one of those being MIRACLES!  Although sometimes leaders feel like they need to pull off a miracle, none of us can…without the help of Jesus.


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4 thoughts on “How Do You Teach?

  1. Jim Dykstra on said:

    Jeff, appreciate the reminder that we can’t pull off miracles.
    Another tool in teaching is to know who you are teaching well. Jesus uses different types of teaching for the masses (Sermon on the Mount) than he does for his disciples (parables). Every job has it’s own vocabulary and a new employee won’t know yours, so be aware of using phrases common only to your work or workplace.
    Several years ago I was training a new employee and I asked him to get the pallet jack. He came back dragging an empty pallet. I thanked him and again asked him to bring me the pallet jack. Again he dragged me an empty pallet. Then it hit me; his name was Jack and he was doing what I asked him; get me a pallet, Jack.

  2. Robert Viviano on said:

    The bigger deal about Jesus being able to perform miracles to back up His parables was that He was the Son of God and knew just what to do to get His point accross to His audiences. Oh that we would prayerfully ask our Heavenly Father what He would be willing to do for us as we teach His Word and follow His biblical instructions as we walk this earth. I think the answers to those types of prayer would truly be miraculous and transformative as current day believers and leaders. Prayer before teaching always results in accomplishing God’s Will for your audience because brings God into the lesson plan rather than just our personal opinions. Thanks for the creative nudge.

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