The Faithful Pacesetters

Learning leadership from those who led in the Bible

Love Discipline?

Bible Reference:  Solomon’s Proverbs

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge… Proverbs 12:1

Why is it important to understand that to gain…we often must lose?  When we live with discipline don’t we really sacrifice indulgence?

Our society has shifted towards an affirmation of all activities.  Everybody should have the “right” to practice, or not practice, whatever they want.  A component that should be considered is if we want opportunity and liberty…isn’t excellence and discipline in our own lives required?  Excellence begins with discipline and sacrifice towards a mission…a concept that leaders are familiar with.

Let’s take George Washington for example; he was an extraordinary leader.  One of his greatest Revolutionary War victories came because he, and his troops, had the discipline to march through the night during a winter storm and surprise the British at Trenton, NJ.

Like many of our founding fathers, George Washington was a farmer and he sacrificed his personal wealth for the greater good of the country.  After leading the United States to a win in the revolutionary war, he returned to his private life to try and get things “in order”.  The young country then needed a president, and eventually George Washington assumed that role.  George Washington refused to be paid as president because he knew the country could not afford it, even while his personal finances could have definitely used it!

There have been many talented individuals who never became leaders because they didn’t have the self-discipline…lucky for us Washington was not one of them.  The mission was important enough to him that the discipline and sacrifice was welcomed; in that sense the principles of leadership have not changed that much since Solomon’s time.

James Thomas Flexner.  Washington: The Indispensable Man.  New York: Back Bay Books, 1974. Print


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