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The Youth Vs. The Experienced

Bible Reference: Proverbs

The glory of young men is their strength, but the splendor of old men is their gray hair. Proverbs 20:29

This verse is short…but it tells a lot.  It’s important to consider that there is value in both the young and the old.

You are leading someone that is younger or older than you…how do you find success?

Trust Each Other

The Baby Boomers are still a large portion of the workforce, and are slow to trust someone half their age…especially if that person is their boss!!  The same can be said for much of Generation X.   I can personally remember going the extra mile for Baby Boomers, trying to build their trust, only to have them become more skeptical of me because I was treating them extra nice.  Frustrating.

Why did this happen?  It’s really not about treating each other extra special as it is about having respect.  The verse above references gray hair; I assume that’s referring to experience.  When we’re young we often think we know it all.  Having a “know it all” approach is not constructive when trying to garner support from an older generation.

Respect is a two way street.  If it’s only the younger generation respecting the more experienced…there will definitely be a breakdown.  We need the strength of the youth too, and that energy is something to be appreciated.


The older generation believes in total honesty, and often will not trust individuals who don’t subscribe to this policy. Sometimes we don’t comprehend how important this is…even on the small issues.  Baby Boomers want to hear the truth, even when the truth hurts.

The youth and experienced don’t have to just co-exist; they need to come together as one.


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4 thoughts on “The Youth Vs. The Experienced

  1. Good article Jeff, the only point I would challenge is the Truth. In my experience, most people do not feel comfortable with the truth until there is a level of trust. Even then it seems difficult for people to speak the truth. Then there are those that use the guise of truth to be hurtful. The challenge is to speak the truth in love. To those we love it is much easier to speak the truth. Many times the truth goes unspoken because we do not care enough to share it with others. Therefore, I come back to same challenge, and that is loving people enough to share the truth.

  2. I agree Larry. I did not spell it out in the blog to the detail I was thinking, but it seems from my experience that often the millennial generation sometimes does not understand the importance of honesty, and can sometimes leave important information out of a conversation, when it really needs to be part of the discussion. But I did not want to pick on them; we all have our issues :).

  3. Linda Miller on said:

    thanks for this…great to hear! I love that coming to work for me is more than just a “job”!!!!!

  4. Thanks for your dedication!

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